Friday, April 30, 2010

I [heart] Mom

When the weather warms and the colors of Spring begin to emerge…Mother’s Day is on it’s way! Every Mom deserves this one day to be recognized and fully appreciated for her hard work and dedication to the beauty (and trials) of Motherhood.

The closest thing I can relate to being a Mom is being a 6 year old Mommy to my late goldfish, ‘Fishy’. I am however a daughter to one of the most giving and loving Mothers I could ever be so lucky to have.

From tucking you in at night to baking cookies with you on rainy days…Mom deserves a something special on this extra special day!

We’ve put together a deliciously stylish Mother's Day Gift Box filled with chic and tasty cookies dedicated to Mom! From trendy dresses with pearl necklaces to colorful flowers all wrapped up in a lovely keepsake box - this is truly a unique gift that any Mom would love!

Mother’s Day Promotional Gift Box

12 cookies packaged in a keepsake Gift Box
3 Dress cookies
3 Purse cookies
3 Flower cookies
3 Shoe cookies
* in colors pink, purple and white

Price: $40.00

Send us an email at or call us at 514.241.6526 to place your today!
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