Monday, May 24, 2010

Couture cookies for Wedding

Love is in the details and we believe that being able to personalize elements of this special day is what makes a Wedding unique and from the heart.

What we love most about creating our couture cookies is that each one can be personalized to match your unique style and sense of ‘taste’. We can monogram your cookies, match the colors to your theme or create a custom design inspired by you!

Wedding season is in full swing and we’ve been busy creating custom designed cookies to add some scrumptious flare to any Bridal Party. From Bridal Shower to Bachelorette and Wedding Day we have a cookie perfectly suited to complement your every occasion and impress your guests!

Bride & Groom gift set

Many clients ask us how they can use or display our cookies on their Wedding Day so we thought we’d share a few suggestions...

Our favorite way to showcase these sweet edible works of art is in our clear cello bag or boxed favors (which include a personalized tag.) A favor to say thank you that looks fabulous and tastes great - what better gift to offer your guests?

Another popular way to use our individually packaged cookies is to adorn your table setting or use them as seating arrangements, where we can emboss the table number directly on your cookie or use our tags to personalize guest’s name and table number.

A deliciously chic idea is simply serving them on your sweet table where we’ll work with you to create designs (in any shape and size) to create a fabulously chic sweet table that your guests will love!

Mini monogrammed cookie favors

Bridal Shower cookies

Mini cookies for the sweet table

Erotic cookies for Bachelorette

Give us a call at 514.241.6526 or email us at to discuss ordering chic cookies to add a touch of sweet elegance to your special day!

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