Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cookie Connoisseurs ; year one

Time truly flies when you are having fun! We are celebrating one year in business and count our lucky stars that we have been able to successfully create a wonderful company which allows us to do what we are passionate about!

It all started with a ‘sweet’ idea which has blossomed into a delectable business which we are so proud of. We are dedicated to creating delicious and beautiful cookies and pride ourselves on creating a quality product.

Of course our business would be nothing without the support of our AMAZING clients! I can not say enough about how wonderful each of our customers have been. We love connecting with you to create a custom design to complement the most special occasions in your lives. Thank you for your all your kind words and for spreading the word about our couture cookies...made with love!

Lara & Vanessa

PS: stay tuned for our website, it's going to be great!

Here are some of our favorite designs from this past year....

Inspired from the Bridal Boudoir - our first bridal show.

Edible makeup!

We got disco fever - how could you not love the chest hair?

Our best selling Wedding favors

Our keepsake Gift Boxes filled with custom cookies made the perfect gifts.

We like our cookies with a little rock star edge!

Our set of mini cookies - they make the sweetest party favors.

If only we could cash these in!

Proud to have made the cutest Birthday girl very happy with these Waybuloo custom cookies :)

Christmas is truly the best time for baking!

Love using bright colors for inspiring designs.

Baby cookies were all the rage!

Fashionista cookies were a huge hit..I do love designing 'edible' dresses that I would want to wear!

The infamous cookie that started it all! Who would have thunk?


  1. Congratulations!!! Happy Anniversary :)

    Lena xoxo

  2. Congratulations! Sorry I'm a bit late :) xoxxox

  3. i love fashionista cookies..awesome :)

  4. Thx Marie!! :) soo Bakery; thank you! fashion that tastes good - can't get any better right? :P